Thursday, 27 August 2009

Cathy Cullis

Cathy Cullis: artist and poet, exploring ideas in stitch using both machine and hand embroidery. My recent work is mostly machine-based, allowing me to create elaborate work that has a distinctive, improvised style. I'm interested in art history, women's lives, dreams and inner worlds.

Lou Trigg

Lou Trigg is a mixed media artist whose work is primarily sewn, embroidered and installation based. She has also written a book of intimate poetry.

Her primary focus is on the invisibility of women in their 50’s. Cosmetic surgery has become the norm and is seen in a similar light to changing hair colour or buying a new dress. Looking good equates to looking young. Women over 50 are not allowed to look their age - as if ageing itself is a disease and, unless their faces have been stretched to appear expressionless, women ‘of a certain age’ simply become invisible.

Her MA exhibition at Brighton University in 2008 depicted over 30 stitched scenes from her childhood together with a 4 minute animation of the work:

In May 2009 at the Brighton Open House exhibition, she exhibited some embroidered “stitchures” from her series entitled “Tragic Women” together with a dressing table installation depicting a vast array of original cosmetics from the 1950’s and 60’s showing the efforts made by an older woman to “keep young and beautiful”

In 2008 Lou self published a book of poetry entitled Old Tales of Love and Desire, which is currently available at

Her recent stitched ‘Dating Profiles’ are an amusing, if not somewhat worrying, look at how men present themselves on internet dating sites.

Lou has been invited to exhibit at the Brighton Art Fair in October 2009 and her entire works will then be available as a complete collection for exhibiting further afield.

Lou is about to start her second MA in Gender and Media which will further inform her sewn work.

If you would like more information please contact: and

Joetta Maue

As humans, we live in a state of dynamic, conflicting emotions. In moments of pain we experience joy and in moments of joy we have sorrow. I celebrate the contradictions and dynamism of the joy and sadness of life. Just like the word “lovely,” which we may use to describe everything from a wedding ceremony to a funeral service, life is an indefinable experience. It fluctuates, never remaining in one moment or emotion for long. This dynamism creates the complexity of life, the beauty of life, and the path of life. As Joanna Freuh says, “life is sloppy” and, as an artist, I celebrate, question, and reveal the sloppiness of our lives.

My studio practices involve labor-intensive techniques that force me to work slowly, meticulously, and daily on my work. The finished work becomes a map of my daily life through the slow stitching of images and words. By using found, used linens that have been hand made by a women of the past I am able to connect my everyday experience with that of my heritage. I pay homage to the women that have come before me and connect to the lineage that I have with them in the domestic, everyday sphere of life.

Frou Frou- the boutique

Frou Frou is a beautifully styled clothing boutique in Weston-super-Mare. During the Weston Arts Festival it will be playing host to an exhibition featuring contemporary embroidered work by artists Cathy Cullis, Joetta Maue, Karen Ruane and Lou Trigg.

Also showing will be crocheted jewellery from Elin Thomas, and plaster work from Paula Watts, Rebecca Grace and Camilla Stacey.


September 12th- October 11th
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Frou Frou,
73 Orchard Street,
BS23 1RL
tel: 01934 644 483